Danye's Moon

Because being a big sister is usually harder than it looks.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

First Christmas

I know your Aunt Re started this blog for you Danye, but she gave me special permission to occasionally post something for you too. I was thinking about Christmas this year and how it will be your brother's first one, then I got to thinking about your first Christmas. You were much smaller on your first Christmas than your brother will be on his. You were the first and only grandchild at the time so everyone bought you a gift and wanted to hold you and spoil you. So, I was looking for a picture for Aunt Re and I found some of you on your first Christmas and wanted to share them. And the dress you're wearing was my dress when I was that little. I love you Princess Monkey Girl!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

little one, little one...

Around Christmas of 2000, I wrote this not just for you, but for your Mom. You were nearly five years old and growing so fast that you took our breath away. Knowing that you're still growing that quickly, I thought I would remind us all how bittersweet that is. I know you'll continue to grow, but I hope you remember to listen, watch, and learn as much as you can from your Mom and your Grandma.

I love you and I miss you, Princess Monkey Girl!

little one, little one

little one, little one
sitting upon my knee
the things you’ll have seen
by the time you’re as old as me
the wonders this world holds
out there to be discovered
and the mysteries of life
waiting to be uncovered
you’ll go far of that i’m sure
your love of life will make it so
charming everyone you meet
making friends everywhere you go

little one, little one
tugging at my heart
the tears we will shed
when it is time for us to part
everyday you grow bigger
and the world calls to you
soon you will leave me alone
with only missing you left to do
time will start to unravel
our lives that were once entwined
you’ll long to test your wings
and forget we once shared mine

oh little one, little one
you are the best part of me
take that out into the world
and ensure i’ll live for all eternity
i have managed to leave my mark
with the dreams i’ve passed on to you
some day you’ll do the same
for all of your little ones too
sharing the things we learned together
and all the things taught by me
you will one day grow to be a woman
but my little one you will always be

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Trick or Treat...

For no reason at all, the other day I thought about our first Halloween together. You were four and a half. Your Mommy & I had decided not to take you out to trick or treat. You were quite upset by that but cheered up when you found out that you could still wear your costume. When you found out that there would still be candy involved you nearly drove us nuts with impatience. About every 15 minutes you would run into the living room asking if it was time yet. Mommy or I would tell you no and you would run back into your room. This went on all afternoon until Mommy finally said you could put on your costume.

What a costume! It was completely made up. You had wanted to be a Disney Princess, but we couldn't afford any of those costumes. So your clever Mommy invented a costume. She put together one of your favorite shirts, pink tights, and pink dancing skirt with some of your favorite toys - wings, wand, and tiara. And there you were, a fairy princess.

You were in heaven. You wandered around the house granting wishes, casting spells, and occaisionally posing for a photograph. Then the real fun started. Kids began knocking on the door and it was your job to pass out the candy. Your Mommy and I figured you would eat more than you passed out, but we were wrong. You were so caught up in passing out the candy that you never stopped to put any in your own mouth.

Every child that came to the door got the full "Danyelle Treatment". You admired their costume, complimented them, gave them their candy, and thanked them for coming. Every single one of those kids was dazzled by your smile and your flattery. Each time you would exclaim, "That's the best costume I've ever seen!" And each time you meant it.

When it got really dark, the kids stopped coming. You were so sad, but Mommy told you that the leftover candy was yours. Your Halloween joy lasted far longer than the candy. It was all you could talk about for weeks. Just when we'd thought you had forgotten all about it, at Thanksgiving you sat in Grandpa Joe's lap and told him and Grandma Jenny all about it.

It made me smile then and it still does today. I look at how big you're getting and I'm a little sad that I'm missing you growing up. But then I look at these pictures and realize you'll always be my little fairy princess. If only in my heart.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


I wrote this for you in the summer of 2000. You were four years old and living with your mother and me.

Your Mom and I both needed a new start. You were living with your Mom in Shreveport and I was living with Grandma Jenny in Houston. We decided to meet in the middle and moved to a small town in East Texas.

We'd been there for nearly two months when I was struck one night by how happy it made me to have you in my life. Your gorgeous smile every morning brightened my day more than any ten suns. Kissing you goodnight did more to ensure I had sweet dreams than anything ever had before. Spending time with your Mom was second only to spending time with you.

That summer was truly the best summer of my life and I wouldn't change one instant of it. And when I'm sad or lonely I just think back to the times I tiptoed into your room and watched you sleep.

May you always have the sweetest of dreams, Danye. I love you more than words can ever express!


The sun has gone to rest its weary head
It’s time for all good children to be in bed
Close your eyes and I’ll tuck you in
Dream sweet dreams til the sun is up again

Go to sleep, Little One, til the morning is here
Go to sleep, Little One, I will always be near

The night has come and brought the moon
And the twinkling stars will follow soon
I’ll sing to you this sweet lullaby
So sleep til morning lights the sky

Dream for me, Little One, til the morning is here
Dream for me, Little One, I will always be near

Your eyes are heavy, but your heart is light
The angels watch over you through the night
To keep you safe from woe and sorrow
Til I see you again tomorrow

Sleep and dream, Little One, til the morning is here
Sleep and dream, Little One, I will always be near

Monday, August 21, 2006


small hands grip my arm
as she pulls herself into my waiting lap
iceberg feet slide under my warm leg
then in one flawless motion
she pulls my arm around her
and tucks our shared blanket under her chin
she sighs and rests her head on my chest

then i know my worth
player of games
singer of songs
writer of words
maker of chocolate milk
warmer of feet

i watch her change each day
and in her quicksilver moments
i sometimes see myself
in her humor and stubbornness
i see her mother
in her determination and impatience
i see her uncle john
in her intelligence and impetuousness
i see her uncle mikey
in her energy and temper

i wonder what she sees in us
as different as the four seasons
but still alike as siblings will be
united by our love of her

yet, she treats each of us
as if we were her favorite
smiling that special smile
small hand tucked safely
in a larger, loving one

i hope so much for her

that she will take the best
within each of us
and make it her own

that she will learn from our mistakes
so that her life is less troubled

that she will one day
read the words i wrote about her
and know she was loved

but mostly that she will
look into each of our eyes
and always find her worth

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Danye's Moon

as we cross a bridge to I don’t remember where
her voice floats towards me from behind
“momma, look! my boat!” she says excitedly
“why is he out there at night,” she wonders
“he’s catching moonbeams just for you,”
her mother says and I am awed by it
“ooooo,” says my niece, eyes shining
the moonlight making her face glow
she’s so lovely, like a moonbeam herself
shimmering radiance, inspiring beauty
she leans closer to the window, looking
“oh, momma, there it is,” she says smiling
“my moon! isn’t it beautiful?” eyes sparkling
yes, it is, but not near as beautiful as danye